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40829 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I experienced a fall and was unable to get up. The Life Alert operator was extremely professional, friendly, and kept me at ease until a family member could get to me. The operator stayed on the phone the whole time to make sure I was OK. She called me back later that evening to check on my wellbeing. Excellent.

Z.B., Chicago, IL

I was assaulted and robbed the morning of June 14. I’m so thankful I chose to push my Life Alert button and ask the operator to call the police for me rather than calling 911. Holding a phone is difficult and she stayed on the monitor with me until the police arrived. I’m very grateful.

R.Z., Lancaster, CA

As I remember, something - it may have been my blue jeans hem - opened up a varicose vein on my leg. The blood spurted out with a vengeance. I tried unsuccessfully to stop it with one hand while I frantically called Life Alert with my button. The verbal response was immediate. The Life Alert telephone responder stayed on the phone with me while [EMS] was en route. Life Alert probably saved my life. It is worth every penny that I pay for it.

M.A., Port Orange, FL

I fell and couldn’t get up. Cuts and bruises pretty bad on my left arm and chin. Life Alert was very prompt, very professional, very nice and friendly. [EMS] did a wonderful job. Everyone was very nice, showed high respect and care for me. May God bless them all.

S.P., Rocky Mount, NC

Mother fell in her dining room- tripped- and hit her elbow (left) on the dining room table. She pushed her Life Alert button and staff responded immediately. They called an ambulance and then contacted me. I was just next door and arrived before help came. I was able to talk to your operator and comfort her. I let in emergency crew and they determined she had an injury to her elbow and transported her to the hospital.

D.I., Bethany, OK

My husband fell and could not get up without assistance. Life Alert representative was in contact with me until EMT’s arrived and then checked with them. After EMT’s checked him out, he was ok except for a few minor scrapes, and he didn’t want to go to hospital – so they left. Later, the Life Alert representative checked with us that he was okay and then notified our children that everything was okay.

K.E., New Providence, PA

[Patient]’s blood pressure went too high (210/100). She called her daughter who came over to her house. She pushed the Life Alert button and the paramedics and fire truck arrived at [Patient]’s house within five minutes of notifying Life Alert. [EMS] was very punctual and professional in safely transporting and caring for [Patient]

D.A., San Tan Valley, AZ

Life Alert saved my life! On June 17, 2019, I had a hypoglycemic episode. I was almost unconscious when I awoke and was barely able to press my necklace alert button. Life Alert notified police and my contacts. A county sheriff responded to Life Alert’s instructions on how to enter my locked house. They found me, notified ambulance, and got me to the hospital ER rapidly. I had my Life Alert only two months and I am so glad I decided to get it.

O.W., Holdenville, OK

I fell near my office desk and hit my knee on the floor and my head on the wall. I couldn’t get up. I pressed my [Life Alert] button and within 10 minutes the ambulance was at the door. They took me out to the ambulance, which took me to the ER.

R.R., Rockville MD

I needed to go to the hospital. Life Alert called 911 and stayed on the line until they came and called the person on my contact list.

C.W., Spokane, WA

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