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41040 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Mother fell at home while no one else was around! She pushed her Life Alert button and got help started right away. Ambulance and fire were called. Myself(daughter) and grandson were called. We all met her at the hospital, where she was kept for 24 hours and released with no lasting problems. Thank you!!

D.T., Casper, WY

I had fallen in the night and my daughter was asleep. I pushed my Life Alert necklace and asked them to call my daughter’s phone which they did. She immediately came up and got me. Then we decided I needed to go to the hospital so Life Alert dispatched help. Thank you very much I could have laid there all night.

L.M., Topeka, KS

I fell in the shower (over our tub). I pushed the button and Life Alert came right on. The policeman and ambulance were here almost immediately. The EMT was so professional. He had me out of the tub and back in my nighty in no time. Life Alert was giving info to other EMTs. The EMT’s told me that Life Alert was the best that they worked with.

D.A., Weiser, ID

On Sept 16, 2019, my father had to use Life Alert twice, first time was in the morning he had went down to the floor. Paramedics picked him up, he was fine. 2nd time he went down again in the afternoon. Paramedics returned and felt he needed to go to the hospital. Low BP. Life Alert was quick, constantly calling and leaving messages to make sure the daughters know what was going on with my dad. Love y’all services. Thank you.

W.E., Orlando, FL

My father fell and broke his hip. He pushed his [Life Alert] button and Life Alert staff called the ambulance and stayed on the line with him until the EMT’s arrived. He is 96 and was reassured EMT’s were on their way.

J.S., Allison Park, PA

[Patient] cut himself and was bleeding pretty badly, was worried so he pushed the [Life Alert] button, the fire department came after Life Alert alerted them and bandaged him up, he is very happy with the service.

T.S., Olympia, WA

I was having chest pains and I live alone. Thankfully, I was able to speak to Life Alert operator. They promptly took charge and summoned the fire department and ambulance who took me to the nearest hospital. I have never regretted having Life Alert in my home.

L.K., Sterling Heights, MI

Thank you for what you did, Life Alert was a great help. Thank you, I am feeling so much better, thank you again and God bless all that you are doing.

S.L., Roosevelt, NY

It was a false alarm, but Life Alert still reacted in a professional and positive response. I’m so thankful I have Life Alert for my mother. It gives me peace of mind knowing you are there for her. Thank you so much.

M.Y., Douglas, WY

On July 8th of this year, I was disoriented, dehydrated and suffering from nausea. The two emergency personnel workers were attentive, helpful and reassuring. Thanks to [Life Alert], my trip to the hospital was successful.

S.L., Norcross, GA

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