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43034 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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During breakfast, suddenly felt nervous, sharp chest- pains, broke out in a sweat and weak and shortness of breath. Tried calling my daughter 1 mile away – no answer. Tried closest dear neighbor across the street, she too was working on the phone. I turned to Life Alert – within minutes, several aids and ambulances arrived – assisting, not certain if it was a heart or gall bladder problem. I was taken to the hospital, so relieved knowing my daughter was waiting at the hospital and my friend trailing behind the ambulance. I’m so grateful for Life Alert. I share my experience with all family and friends.

V.K., Durham, CT

I found my mom unresponsive. I immediately pushed her Life Alert button and the dispatch was made for an ambulance. The agent was courteous, efficient and calm. I needed her and she came through! Life Alert and God saved my mom’s life! We are forever thankful. She was in respiratory failure and had to be intubated but thank God she is back at home now and doing great!

H.M., Caddo, OK

My mother became very sick, throwing up, lethargic, and gray in color. I, the daughter, made a judgement call and decided she needed to go to the hospital. I immediately hit the Life Alert button and the operator immediately answered and sprang into action with ambulance on the way and questions needed. The service was fast and very responsive. Thank you.

G.D., Fresno, CA

We have used Life Alert a few different times. Always positive experiences. The staff answers promptly, dispatches EMT, calls family and then calls back with results. I’m very happy with our service for my parents.

M.M., Cary, IL

The Life Alert response was as advertised. I was 30 feet from the house in a piney wood, lying in a bed of pine cones. Life Alerts response was immediate and your rep stayed with me until emergency services arrived. Nice to get something more than I expected in today’s world.

H.B., Chesterfield, VA

My mom has heart problems and high blood pressure, and she was very weak. She couldn’t eat due to anemia and low blood sugar. I called Life Alert. The rep who assisted me was very kind and was with me the entire time until the ambulance came and then gave them my mom’s information.

A.C., Eatontown, NJ

I thought I may be having a cardiac arrest when I became stiff and collapsed to my knees and couldn’t get up. Life Alert contacted the police department, fire department and ambulance services, all who responded. I was transported to the ER. Your reps have always been very courteous – even when I set the alarm off accidently.

H.N., Bethalto, IL

My dad has Parkinson’s and when he doesn’t feel well or something is wrong medically, he finds it hard to walk. Life Alert is amazing! Touch one button and they take care of calling the appropriate agency and works with the responding professionals to make a trying time so much easier! Thank you!

T.J., Columbus, MT

When my brother found my mother experiencing confusion and slurred speech, he activated Life Alert. Dispatchers dispatched ambulance, and contacted me, (mom’s other son) to advise of the situation. These two actions were executed flawlessly, professionally, and greatly appreciated.

S.T., Bronxville, NY

You are awesome!!! My mom fell and she pushed her Life Alert. They answered quickly, accessed the situation via a lockbox to my mom and dispatched paramedics. They then called us, the children. The team is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, have great follow up and excellent phone manners. They are a true asset.

L.W., Alexandria, VA

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