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39650 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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I was nauseated and light headed when I got up in the morning. It was the day I volunteered at the food pantry, so I thought I was just hungry. Eating didn’t help. In fact, I felt worse and knew I couldn’t drive. My blood pressure was 180, I called my daughter who works with my SCP. She came home and verified the blood pressure, than I called Life Alert. The female voice that answered was very calm and reassuring. Asked about my symptoms, who was with me and kept – saying help was on the way. She continued to reassure me until the medics arrived. She also spoke with me daughter, then spoke to the EMT while the other ones took care of me. She stayed on the line till I was in the ambulance. The lady also talked with my daughter on her way to the hospital to be with me. And then called the following day to make sure everything was ok. Thank you, Life Alert does work. Great job, done well!

H.H., Erie, PA

My patient had diverticulitis, I called Life Alert and they called the EMT’s and Life Alert stayed on the phone until the EMT’s arrived. As I always say - having Life Alert is money well spent.

L.C., Los Angeles, CA

I fell in the back yard and cracked my head open – EMT was told and responded, and helped me with all the head injury, and got me up, and sent me on my way to the hospital with my granddaughter. I am so thankful I have my [Life Alert] pendant.

H.K., Modesto, CA

My aunt fell and Life Alert was contacted. They dispatched the EMT’s, and contacted me that my aunt had fallen and that EMT’s were on their way. Life Alert then contacted me once the EMT’s had helped my aunt and let me know her status.

N.T., Shelton, WA

Mother was confused and had shortness of breath. Life Alert took care of everything and sent an ambulance. Life Alert stayed on the phone until everything was resolved. Thank God for Life Alert.

P.C., Detroit, MI

My 91 year old husband is blind, deaf and on a walker. He lost his balance on the walker and fell to the floor. I could not lift him at all and he could not get up. I called Life Alert and they contacted paramedics. They were able to lift him and fortunately he was not injured. Our experience with Life Alert was great – they kept me calm and we both are grateful.

E.C., Montgomery, AL

This time – my hip was in excruciating pain – especially when getting up or down and standing – couldn’t walk on it – I was scared, but when the ambulance drivers came – they were calm so I was calming down. They took me to the hospital. Got an x-ray and pain shot – I have bad arthritis in my hips (found out). The person from Life Alert was calm too, thank you so much!

C.T., Morgan Hill, CA

I was having trouble breathing – shortness of breath, I went to Dunkin donuts to get some coffee and a roll. Employees from Dunkin donuts came out to my car to help me inside. They called Life Alert for me and [EMT’s] came! Right away! Good job.

L.D., Houston, TX

Unfortunately, I have had to call Life Alert lately because of several falls. Within minutes, Life Alert was here to pick me up. Several weeks ago I was going for therapy, was going into my garage and must have missed the only step. I fell face first onto the concrete. I also fell onto my cane and severely injured my right leg. Within minutes help was here.

A.H., Northbrook, IL

I fell on my back porch as I entered from the garage on 8-24-18. Do not know what caused me to fall, I remember hitting the front of my head hard, and felt stunned. Thank goodness I had Life Alert. I pushed the button and received help immediately. I had my cell phone, however, I was unable to remember phone numbers, nor could I get up. Thank you for calling my daughters. I am glad I have Life Alert. Thank you, Life Alert.

A.W., Dexter, MO

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