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41987 Real Life Emergencies From Life Alert ® Members

We at Life Alert strive on providing excellent and prompt service to our members and helping them in any way possible.

Below are some real life stories submitted to Life Alert by our thankful members.

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Life Alert was especially helpful when my father-in-law fell on Feb 14th, 2020. It was the middle of the night, and his [Life Alert] necklace proved very valuable. A couple of times he pushed the button on his necklace for a drink of water, and the operators were very kind and patient. [Patient] was very happy with your service and as my husband and I get older, we will probably get in touch with your Life Alert service too!

D.W., Laurelville, OH

My mom fell in her bedroom in the middle of the night. She pressed her Life Alert button. I (her daughter) was called twice, my husband once. We did not hear our phone ring. I picked up on the last try. I was very happy that the person talking to my mom would not get off the line until we were in the room with her.

A.V., Las Vegas, NV

I’m sure as always they were helpful. But I wasn’t near a phone to answer the call back. Upon bending over to put a band-aid on my toes, my right hip dislocated and I was in so much pain. I thank God I had my Life Alert. They contacted my children and ambulance, and in a matter of minutes everyone came to my aid. Thank you, thank you, Life Alert for being there.

K.M., Lancaster, NY

I had fallen and my husband and stepdaughter couldn’t get me up. Life Alert came and [EMS] got me up. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital, I refused. Ten minutes later, I was on the bathroom floor, throwing up. They came back in minutes. Took me to the ER. I ended up with a bad UTI and found out I have COVID-19. My husband would have never gotten me to the ER.

C.B., Monroeville, AL

I was out on my deck at sunset and somehow fell near my kitchen door. I was able to hit my Life Alert button and immediately the man on the phone unit came on and stayed with me, assuring me that help was on the way. They were there in about twenty minutes (I believe). The two young ladies checked me over and helped me in the house. I love Life Alert. I feel safe in my home and in my yard.

N.G., Holtwood, PA

My husband had fallen, we need an ambulance, Life Alert sent one. They got him on his feet, he would not go to the hospital with them. After the EMT’s left, he fell again. I called Life Alert again, they contacted the EMT’s. When the ambulance came the second time, he then went to the hospital. Life Alert called me later to see if everything was OK.

G.R., Grand Rapids, MN

My father became very short of breath, and because his caregiver was there, she pushed his pendant button. Life Alert responded very quickly and notified the emergency squad. Life Alert stayed on the line until emergency personnel arrived. Life Alert also called me and my sister initially and with updates. We appreciate all that you did!

R.B., Barnesville, OH

My father is 83 years old and lives alone on the farm. He has fallen four or five times both outside and inside the house. Each time, Life Alert contacted my sister and myself, plus they contacted the local rescue squad and got Dad the help he needed. Life Alert personnel are always very professional and really seem to care about their customers. I highly recommend Life Alert for peace of mind for your elderly parents.

R.O., Crete, NE

[Patient] was feeling very sick and asked to go to the hospital. Because it was during the beginning of COVID crisis, I advised against it and suggested we call Life Alert. The operator was very attentive and dispatched EMT’s immediately. They arrived within twenty minutes and assessed that [patient] should see his PCP the next day. We are so glad Life Alert is there!

N.H., New York, NY

My brother fell and wasn’t able to get up. Life Alert called me (I am his sister) to let me knows the EMT’s had been called. Life Alert then called me back to let me know [brother] had been checked out and was alright. Life Alert was very courteous, helpful and I would recommend them.

A.F., Port Matilda, PA

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